our partners

We partner with the best local food and drink suppliers at each of our gyms, serving up tasty treats, great grub and lovely drinks.

Handstand Man

Handstand training is a tough skill to learn and can require a detailed approach to learning it.

David (AKA The Handstand Man) offers weekly handstand sessions at The Font... "I take out all the unnecessary bells and whistles when it comes to learning a handstand (as there is plenty) and give you all the necessary tools that you will need in your handstand journey. If you are scared to fall, we will first go over that in depth until you are comfortable to be able to fall on your own. (The fear of falling is very normal and fortunately easily overcome.) I have coached people of all ages from 6 years old to individuals in there late 50s and varying degrees of skill level from people trying just to get to their first 10 seconds, to people learning to press to handstand to the more advanced balance skills such as one arm handstand. I absolutely love to teach handstands as much as I train them."


The London Beer Factory

Brewing fresh and funky beers. Crafted in South East London.

The London Beer Factory is a craft brewery founded in early 2014 by brothers Ed and Sim Cotton. From day one they've been committed to producing beer with character; beer with unique flavours and engaging aromas; beer brimming with personality and distinctive qualities. Distilling these principles into every single brew, they have developed a broad range of unfiltered, unpasteurised beer, incorporating a wide array of hops and malts from around the world. The Core Range includes five beers, all of which are available in keg and can format.


Against The Grain Cidery

Crafting exciting and innovative new-age ciders, they aim to inspire drinkers and help propel the world of cider.

Against The Grain ciders are crafted to be easy to drink but with all of the subtle complexities afforded by soft tannins, excellent blending and high-quality fruit. Their aim is to tempt more curious drinkers into the wonderful world of craft cider. They strongly believe in implementing Green business strategies to work toward a more sustainable future. The apple mulch is passed to farms to be used as feed and packaging for home deliveries reuses old packaging goods - so as little as possible is wasted.


MACS Dance

Dance school offering dance lessons to children and adults in the Wandsworth area.

MACS Dance offers lessons in Ballet, Contemporary, and Commercial Jazz to children, as well as lessons in Ballet and Barre Fitness to adults. They are registered with the Royal Academy of Dance and enter students for examinations through this leading organisation. MACS Dance was established in June 2022 by principal Hannah McMillan. Miss Hannah graduated from the RAD in 2016 and has since been teaching in and around London. She has a 100% pass rate with all RAD examinations, has choreographed for school shows and has been involved in a number of different events, festivals and school productions.



Providing a range of fantastic fitness classes for new mums, interactive baby classes and relaxing classes.

Busylizzy takes you on a journey from bump to birth and beyond as you and your baby go from pregnancy to newborn, crawler and cruiser! It’s not just one class – but a rounded club experience of classes, social events and workshops for you and your little one. Start at any time and feel confident as you embark on your first steps into motherhood with the support of our expert baby instructors, pre/postnatal fitness professionals and pediatric workshop consultants. It's a club that’s really friendly and flexible to suit modern parents who want to keep active and healthy throughout pregnancy and maternity whilst enjoying classes with little ones and connecting with other parents.


Wimbledon Brewery

Inspiring the new generation of beer drinkers and brewers.

For the past 8 years, the new Wimbledon Brewery has been producing a range of fine ales, traditional and modern. A few years ago, a range of keg products took to the stage, including Pale Ales, IPAs and an award-winning Helles Lager. Branching out, Wimbledon GardenGin is a smooth, aromatic London Dry, featuring Wimbledon Common honey and Cascade hops. A collaboration with Greyfriars Vineyard in Surrey bore a sparkling and a still English Rosé. With a focus on balance, quality and drinkability, we have sought to bridge the gap between the best of tradition and modern innovation. Beers are made true to style, using ingredients and techniques specific to a given brewing tradition.


Belleville Brewing Co.

Brewing a range of U.S. style hand-crafted beers using top quality hops, malts and seasonal ingredients.

I grew up drinking session bitters from the likes of Harveys in Lewes and King & Barnes in Horsham. Badger’s Tanglefoot and Exmoor Gold soon joined them as some of my favourite brews, but then something happened. I found a shop in London that stocked the likes of Mickey’s Big Mouth, Pete’sWicked, Brooklyn Lager and Sam Adams and was instantly hooked on American beer. Having worked and holidayed a lot in the U.S. I have had a chance to drink my fair share of craft ales and it is these that I have sought to emulate when formulating the recipes and brewing the beers. Adrian Thomas, Owner, Director & Head Brewer


Sam Brooks Brewery

People are the heartbeat of Sambrooks and their team make, deliver and serve some of the best beer in London.

Sambrook’s was born out of an idea to bring brewing back to the heart of London and it all started in 2008. After a chance meeting with brewing entrepreneur David Welsh, and a crash course in brewing, founder Duncan Sambrook brewed his first batch of Wandle Ale in a converted photography studio in Battersea in November 2008. Sambrook’s Brewery was born. A lot has changed since their beginnings but the ethos remains the same, to brew great quality beer and have a lot of fun while doing so. This is reflected in the many beer awards they've picked up along the way.

South London

Volcano Coffee

Award-winning coffee that’s better for people and the planet. Hand-roasted in South London.

Eighteen years ago, in West Dulwich, founder Kurt Stewart showed up with a vintage Italian Piaggio Ape cart, serving his Full Steam Espresso from the footpath off Rosendale Road. All Kurt wanted to do was introduce more people to better coffee (he knew what that was, being a Kiwi as well as a seasoned chef). They kept coming, so Kurt kept going — and he hasn’t stopped. Today, Volcano Coffee Works has a roastery, a café, and a team of 30 people on a mission to build the best coffee company we can, bean by bean. And the first batch of the day is still roasted by Kurt.

Neal's Yard


Created in 2011, Homeslice aim to balance tradition with innovation.

Homeslice began life in 2011 with a hand-built mobile wood-fired oven. Founder Mark Wogan launched Homeslice at an event at London Fields Brewery and sold out within hours. Soon after Mark and his brother Alan began work establishing their first restaurant at 13 Neal’s Yard in the early part of 2013.  With a shared vision of retaining Homeslice’s original simplicity, the aim was to balance tradition with innovation, offering people a take on the classics alongside more unique flavour combinations. The result was a simple menu of pizza, beer and wine with quality, seasonal produce at its heart, served in a relaxed, friendly space.


Signal Brewery

Signal Brewery's range of 7 delicious beers compete with the 'Big Names' on flavour, price and quality.

Signal Brewery was established in Croydon, South London in 2016. They produce a range of Pure and Fresh craft beers in keg, cask and can. Signal Brewery love natural brewing and staunchly avoid short-cuts, preservatives or additives. They also produce a delectable and award-winning craft gin with partner, Bare Distillery in East Sussex.


Two Flints Brewery

Two Flints are a modern focused, independent brewery nestled in a railway arch under Windsor Central station.

Two Flints believe in the balance between heritage and innovation, nuance and drinkability; revelling in the open-minded nature of modern, seasonal brewing and the sensory experiences that come with it. With this ethos, they offer a rotating beer list that balances their quest for hop-forward innovation with classic styles taking inspiration from the brewers and beers that have come before them. As a forward-thinking small business, they're dedicated to minimising their carbon footprint wherever they can. Two Flints donates 1% of their annual sales to environmental non-profits through it's membership with 1% for the Planet — and they're constantly seeking new ways to adapt the business model for the greater good.



Hiver have been as committed to bees as they have been to beer since they started brewing beer back in 2013.

Everyone knows that without bees we’d all be in a very difficult place environmentally, Hiver have made it thier cause from the beginning to champion these essential little gems of nature. Every day they're helping independent British beekeepers by buying their honey to nurture both urban and rural hives. They then use the honey as an integral part of our brewing process, helping us to deliver this crisp, light-tasting beer with a subtle honey aroma. They don’t pasteurise their beer either, which means you always get the freshest, most natural beer in your glass. And, just like the bees as they go from flower to flower, they tread lightly in all areas of daily business, so there’s plenty of reasons to feel good about choosing Hiver.


Forest Road Brewery

A local team of hustlers, grafters and makers who embody the independent state of mind.

What Forest Road work hardest at is the quality of its beer. When they heard that one of the world’s greatest breweries - Russian River in Northern California - was selling its brewhouse, they knew they had to get their hands on it. They worked night and day to raise the cash, sailed it through the Panama Canal and now it has a new home, in London. We think you’ll agree it was worth the effort when you taste the beer. The crisp, refreshing lager Posh - brewed with all Kentish hops - to the super-juicy IPA Juno, their version of the beers made famous by Russian River, Forest Road is keeping it simple but delicious.


Brew By Numbers

Brew By Numbers certainly know their stuff when it comes to craft beer!

At Brew By Numbers, we have released over 450 different beers across an expansive range of styles. We are best-known for our diversity: hoppy, modern saisons; mixed fermentation farmhouse ales; hazy, vibrant dark coffee beers & rich stouts; highly-hopped pales & IPAs. Our beers are described as bold, balanced and drinkable, regardless of style/strength, having ranked in the Top 100 Breweries in the world by RateBeer. As well as helping lead the way for hazy East Coast pale ales in the UK, BBNo is also seen as a pioneer on issues such as the importance of freshness, and a big influence on taproom culture in London. We are an exploratory brewery with a commitment to learning, thoroughness and excellence in all we do.