Handstand Man

Handstand training is a tough skill to learn and can require a detailed approach to learning it.
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David (AKA The Handstand Man) offers weekly handstand sessions at The Font...

"I take out all the unnecessary bells and whistles when it comes to learning a handstand (as there is plenty) and give you all the necessary tools that you will need in your handstand journey.

If you are scared to fall, we will first go over that in depth until you are comfortable to be able to fall on your own. (The fear of falling is very normal and fortunately easily overcome.)

I have coached people of all ages from 6 years old to individuals in there late 50s and varying degrees of skill level from people trying just to get to their first 10 seconds, to people learning to press to handstand to the more advanced balance skills such as one arm handstand.

I absolutely love to teach handstands as much as I train them. If you find that a class does not give you the necessary attention you require then one to one is your best bet in achieving your handstand goals, what ever the level."

Visit www.handstandman.co.uk for more info.