Hiver have been as committed to bees as they have been to beer since they started brewing beer back in 2013.
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Everyone knows that without bees we’d all be in a very difficult place environmentally, so we made it our cause from the beginning to champion these essential little gems of nature.

Every day we’re helping independent British beekeepers by buying their honey to nurture both urban and rural hives, creating healthy colonies that can do the heavy lifting of pollinating the food we eat. We then use the honey as an integral part of our brewing process, helping us to deliver this crisp, light-tasting beer with a subtle honey aroma.

We don’t pasteurise our beer either, which means you always get the freshest, most natural beer in your glass. And, just like the bees as they go from flower to flower, we tread lightly in all areas of our daily business, so there’s plenty of reasons to feel good about choosing Hiver.

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