Hue Krainski

Personal Trainer

Hue is a Level 4 Personal Trainer with a versatile set of skills, leading to a comprehensive coaching package that ensures you reach your goals on the gym floor.

Enquire at reception to book a session with Hue.

About Hue: Hue is a highly skilled trainer with substantial qualifications.

As a Certified Level 4 Personal Trainer, he has earned recognition with colleagues and clients as a top professional in the UK fitness industry.

Hue is also an avid climber and has even set some routes on the wall at The Font. Hue is a multi-faceted trainer who brings a very comprehensive package to the table, and is ready to serve anyone willing to start prioritising next-level fitness and wellbeing.

With a meticulously crafted blend of 1-2-1 training and online coaching, Hue makes sure you get all the fitness and nutritional guidance you’ll need in, and out of the gym.He has all the credentials and expertise needed to hone in on your weak points efficiently, and then quickly dispatch them.