Development Programme

A structured coaching scheme, designed to allow children and young people, from the age of 8 -18: Enjoy climbing in a fun and safe environment, improve their climbing skills, confidence and physical skills, and gain recognition of and record, their climbing knowledge and achievements.

The framework and syllabus are derived from established sports science, & long -term athlete development models, that recognise the physical & cognitive developmental stages of children & adolescents.

Different Levels

The programme is split into 4 levels, each level will be awarded a certificate upon completion which allows progression to the next level:

  • Levels 1 & 2 are substantially focused on physical literacy, foundation climbing movement skills, and knowledge of climbing as a sport and recreational activity, to enable learning in a fun and varied climbing session.
  • Levels 3 & 4 become progressively more structured and sport specific in format and challenging for the participants, both physically and mentally

Groups & Prices

There are 5 group types to choose from:

  • Group A: 8-11 years, levels 1 & 2 - 60-minute sessions
  • Group B: 8-11 years, levels 2 & 3 - 60-minute sessions
  • Group C: 12-18 years, levels 1 & 2 - 60-minute sessions
  • Group D: 12-18 years, levels 2 & 3 – 60-minute sessions
  • Group E: 12-18 years, levels 3 & 4 – 90-minute sessions

The sessions are booked on a termly basis, with a maximum of 4 climbers per coach, who will remain their coach for the duration of the term.

The cost for groups A-D, is £20 per session, but is dependent upon the number of weeks in the term e.g., £220 for an 11-week term.

The cost is for group E, is £25.50 per session e.g., £280.50 for an 11-week term.

The cost includes.

  • Entry to the centre
  • Coaching
  • Shoe hire
  • Logbook and certificates, to record progress
  • T shirt
  • Backpack

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