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Bloc of the week

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Win £20 bar/cafe tab with our weekly challenge! Do you have what it takes...?

Bloc of the Week: Your Chance to Win a £20 Café/Bar Tab!

At The Font, we’re thrilled to announce our latest initiative: the Bloc of the Week! Each week, our resident chief setter Matt VC, will select a standout climb from the newest set, alternating between Font Borough and Wandsworth locations. This isn’t just any climb; it’s handpicked for its awesomeness, aesthetics, unique challenges, and the sheer enjoyment it provides.

What is Bloc of the Week?

Bloc of the Week highlights one exceptional climb from our latest set. Although the bloc is chosen by Matt VC, it’s not necessarily one he set himself. Instead, it’s a climb that stands out for its creative design, how it climbs, and the fun factor it brings to your climbing session. We typically select a mid-range bloc, ensuring that those of all ages and skill levels, including children climbers, have a chance to participate and enjoy the climb.

How to Win

Participating is easy and fun! Here’s how you can get involved and stand a chance to win a £20 café/bar tab:

  1. Climb the Bloc: Find the Bloc of the Week at our Font Borough or Wandsworth locations.
  2. Post on Instagram: Take a photo or video of your climb and post it as a grid post on your Instagram.
  3. Tag Us: Make sure to tag us in your post to enter the competition.
  4. Name in the Hat: Once you’ve tagged us, your name is officially in the hat for a chance to win!

You have an entire week to showcase your climbing skills and creativity. At the end of the week, we will pick a winner and announce it along with the next Bloc of the Week.

Why Participate?

  • Challenge Yourself: Take on a new and exciting climb each week, pushing your limits and honing your skills.
  • Win Rewards: Enjoy a £20 café/bar tab on us, perfect for celebrating your win or refuelling after a climbing session. The credit can be redeemed on all café and bar products, including baked goods from Lockdown Bakehouse, coffee, local beers, Cliff bars, and more.
  • Join the Community: Engage with fellow climbers and share your experiences, tips, and achievements.

The winner will be announced on our Instagram, so make sure to keep an eye out there. Once selected, you will be contacted, and we will add the credit to your account.

We can’t wait to see your climbs and the creative ways you capture them. Happy climbing, and good luck!

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Published on:
June 24, 2024