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Josh (Versus Wall)
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Climbing means a lot of things to a lot of people. The fact that people can get so passionate and argue (usually in a friendly way) over all the different styles of climbing is one of the things that makes it so interesting to me. There are many variables in climbing: indoors, outdoors, board climbing, competition climbing, dynamic climbing, static climbing, the entire concept of route setting, etc. This means there is something for everyone, and people will have things they naturally like more than others. I am particularly interested in modern-style indoor competition climbing as a sport. This is what interests me, and I want it to continue to grow, prosper, and thrive.

What is Versus Wall

My name is Josh, and I launched the Versus Wall website in January 2023 as a London-based climbing competition tracker (as of early 2024, this tracker is now UK-wide and known as Climbing Radar). I made it for myself as a fun side project and thought others might find it useful. In May 2023, I launched the first t-shirt design, hand screen-printed by myself with the quote “Reckless Sense of Faith.” This was based on something Molly Thompson-Smith said on the Careless Talk Climbing Podcast, and it really resonated with me as to the type of mindset that is required for competition climbing.

What We Do

Everything about Versus Wall is about supporting and amplifying competition climbing. I attend events with Versus Wall to support the brand itself, but alongside other vendors, I also try to support the venues running the competitions by making it “feel” like an event. Personally, I try to bring excitement to the format and help however I can (you may have spotted me judging atSemi-Finals for Font’s Brawl on The Wall, or at the finals of any of the 2024 Blokfest events in London). At the recent Font Fest 2024 event, I had a booth with a “spin-the-wheel” game where participants could win free apparel and hopefully have some fun. A big thanks to the Font team not just for the invite, but for always being welcoming and helpful to the vendors. Also, thanks to the Font community who showed up big that day, as it was the biggest day for Versus Wall sales thus far.

More Than Just Apparel

As you may have gathered, Versus Wall is not just about apparel; it's about supporting the competition climbing community. In addition to the apparel line, I also run Climbing Radar, a platform designed to reduce friction for those interested in climbing competitions. Climbing Radar provides a comprehensive tracker for all UK climbing competitions, making it easier for climbers to find and participate in events. This initiative aligns with my broader goal of increasing discoverability and interest in competitive climbing.

If you choose to support Versus Wall by buying some comp climbing clothing or just by following our progress, please know I am doing everything I can to turn that support into a viable company dedicated to furthering competitive climbing, not just locally, but as a whole. For now, that means supporting local events, reducing friction to entry, and getting people excited about competition climbing. Hopefully, some of these people will continue to be excited by comp climbing, and that can have a small impact on our sport.

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Written by:
Josh (Versus Wall)
Published on:
June 5, 2024