Tenzing Brawl on the Wall 2023

Thanks to all that joined and made the Tenzing Brawl on the Wall possible! See below for a write-up and results!
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Tenzing Brawl on the Wall 2023 Write-up!

Sponsored by Tenzing and Tenaya, our flag-ship annual climbing event, the Tenzing Brawl on the Wall, brought together the climbing community in a celebration of awesome skill and determination.

The Brawl was held over two days with a busy qualifiers with familiar and happy faces from the London climbing scene, people from all over the UK and even some athletes from as far as Romania!

We also got to show the UK premiere of the legend himself Chris Sharma's new video of him on his route 'Sleeping Lion' which goes at an absurd 9b+ and being one of the hardest climbs he has ever done! We even got a personalised message from him wishing us best for the comp which was a lovely touch and a real hit with the die-hard Sharma fans (Horace).

Besides the climbing superstars that you know well, it was a strong line-up of competitors for qualifiers! Climbers had to fight extra hard this year to make it into semis and even more so to gain a place in finals!
Behold the winners of this years Tenzing Brawl on the Wall below!

Men's Category Winners:

  • 1st place - Max Milne
  • 2nd place - Toby Roberts
  • 3rd place - Dayan Akhtar
  • 4th place - Jack Macdougall
  • 5th place - Aiden Dunne
  • 6th place - Jim Pope

Women's Category Winners:

  • 1st place - Erin Mcniece
  • 2nd place - Izzy Edgington
  • 3rd place - Izzy Bridgens
  • 4th place - Zoe Peetermans
  • 5th place - Eugenie Robinson Lee
  • 6th place - Emma Futcher

Erin Mcniece, a formidable force in the climbing community, displayed her remarkable skill and determination at the Tenzing Brawl on the Wall. Defending her title from the previous year, she climbed with a calm precision, tenacity, and a sheer display of expertise, solidifying her position at the top of the women's category. Her victory was not just a win but a testament to her continued excellence and commitment to the sport.

On the men's side, Toby Roberts, last year's champion, fought valiantly to defend his title but faced strong competition from Max 'The Future' Milne. Despite Toby's incredible skills and tenacity, Max Milne's exceptional performance led to a change in the champion's seat! Max's victory showcased his incredible talent and determination, making him the new champion and etching his name into the ‘Brawl on the Wall’s history books! The Future is now!

The dynamic nature of the competition, with defending champions facing strong challenges, added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation, highlighting the sheer level of talent and competition among the climbers at the Tenzing Brawl on the Wall and what is required to operate at that next level!

The event was not just a success in terms of the incredible climbers but also among spectators. Tickets for spectators completely sold out, testament to the Brawls growing popularity. Enthusiastic fans and supporters packed the venue, contributing to the electrifying atmosphere and making the event a true spectacle and celebration for the Font and climbing community!

Big thanks to everyone who joined and to all our fantastic team who worked hard to make this event possible!

We hope you all enjoyed your time at the Brawl and hope to see you next year!

Day 1, Saturday 11th

The first day will involve the 3 main qualifying rounds of the competition with 150 spaces available in each round!

These will consist of 25 qualification blocs in each category with scorecards handed in at the end of the session. The top 20 in each category will go through to the semi-final round the next day.

The first two rounds will be the more ‘serious’ rounds. The climbs will be in the best conditions and people will be trying their hardest!

The third round of the day will be a much more fun oriented, casual round. With adapted boulders and fun challenges and games! If you’re keen to get involved and just looking for a bit of fun. This round is definitely for you!⁠  Participants in this round cannot qualify for the semi-finals.

Scores will be counted and those that qualify will be invited to compete the following day.

Day 2, Sunday 12th ⁠

The second day we will be hosting semi-finals and finals.

Spectators will be welcome to and are encouraged to come and watch.

In the week before there will be disruption to normal services within the centre.

We will be working to the capacity of the centre on this date so the maximum number of spectators will be limited to 220

We will have spectator spots open to book if you would like to come along and watch the competitors battle it out! We will have limited space due to capacity limits so make sure you book a space (your spectator booking fee will also include a drink from the bar!).⁠

Semi-finals are from 11:00-13:30.

Finals are from 17:00-20:00.

Games and Challenges! (3rd round)

The 3rd qualification round will have some fun games/challenges where you can win prizes! (Please remember that you will not be able to qualify for semis if you enter this round!)

  • 'We suck at climbing' - A blank shiny wall stand between you and a finishing hold! You are left with some suction cups and your climbing abilities. What do you do..?
  • 'Slam Dunk' - Combining dynos from climbing with hoops from basketball.. Use your imagination!
  • 'Awkward hug' - Who doesnt love a long hug! Use your niche skills and hang onto a punchbag as long as possible! One for those who find it hard letting go...
  • 'King of the swingers' - Straight out of jungle run! Campus through the cave on hanging balls just like our primate relative Chris Sharma!
  • 'Dyno tree' - Simple but effective! Multiple holds to dyno to. How far can you go?!
  • 'Pinch me' - A 'tug of war' but with pinch blocs! Best start training for this one!

Prize Money

1st - £1500

2nd - £600

3rd - £400

4th - £200

5th - £100

6th - £50


As for our setters for the competition are Jake Mason (GB setting team + famous from the bouldering Bobat YouTube channel), Yann Genoux (IFSC international/world cup route setter), Alex Prescott (Font setting team + head setter of stronghold + has set for national events), Imi Bagnell- Smith (Font Setting team and has set for national events) + Matt VC chief.

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First published:
July 30, 2023