Font Fest 2024

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As I sit here writing this still buzzing from the psyche...

On April 13th, Font Wandsworth transformed into a haven for climbers, enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike. The air was thick with anticipation as climbers from all walks of life gathered to bask in the glorious sun and epic vibes.

The event promised a plethora of activities to indulge in. From rad competition blocs to games and challenges, Font Fest had something for everyone. Attendees were treated to local craft brews, delicious munchies from food traders, and a showcase of awesome climbing gear from local craft stalls. The atmosphere was charged with top-notch vibes, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of climbing festivities.

Font Fest catered to climbers of all skill levels with various rounds tailored to challenge and entertain. The main categories included ParaMasters, Beginners (V3 or under), Under 16's, and General entry. Within each main category, climbers could compete in sub-categories including Female, Male, and Non-Binary.

Entry tickets included participation in the chosen round, subject to availability. However, due to overwhelming demand, spectator tickets had sold out, highlighting the immense popularity of the event.

The day kicked off with qualifier rounds, split into early and late sessions, giving climbers ample opportunity to showcase their skills. The centre had a party atmosphere, and mouthwatering offerings from Pirate Burgers BBQ, stalls featuring brands like Beekind Climbing and Versus Wall added to the vibrant tapestry of the event.

The route-setting team, comprised of industry experts including Matt VC, Matt Cousins, Freddy High, Alec Harper, and Alex Prescott, ensured that the climbing challenges were nothing short of exhilarating.

Evolv, renowned for their innovative climbing footwear, added to the excitement with a shoe demo featuring the launch of the V6. Climbers had the chance to test-drive the latest additions to Evolv's range and even participate in a raffle to win a pair of the coveted V6 shoes.

As the day transitioned into evening, Font Fest transformed into a Finals Extravaganza, complete with DJ vibes and a sold out spectators! In the men's category, the competition was fierce, with last year's champion, Elias Bignold, narrowly missing out on reclaiming the top spot, securing a commendable second place. Taking the coveted first place was Dario Prina, showcasing outstanding prowess on the walls. The podium was completed by Kris Kothari in third place, followed closely by Nathan Whaley, Remus Munteon, Alex Patterson, and Drew Cahane, who demonstrated unwavering determination and skill throughout the event.

In the women's category, Ava Kovtunovich emerged victorious, demonstrating exceptional climbing abilities and securing the first-place title. Imi Bagnall-Smith and Rasika Chomhwang claimed second and third place, respectively, showcasing their talent and determination. Not far behind were Katya, Carmel Moran, and Lea Volpe, who rounded off the top six with impressive performances.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their dedication and outstanding achievements at Font Fest 2024! Climbers were left buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the final results. The climbing community has spoken, and Font Fest 2024 delivered an experience to remember!

Also BIG thanks to our sponsors who helped make this event what it was!

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Beyond Hope
Impact Route setting

See below for full finals results.


  1. Ava Kovtunovich - 1st place
  2. Imi Bagnall-Smith - 2nd place
  3. Rasika Chomhwang - 3rd place
  4. Katya - 4th place
  5. Carmel Moran - 5th place
  6. Lea Volpe - 6th place


  1. Dario Prina - 1st place
  2. Elias Bignold - 2nd place
  3. Kris Kothari - 3rd place
  4. Nathan Whaley - 4th place
  5. Remus Munteon - 5th place
  6. Alex Patterson - 6th place
  7. Drew Cahane - 7th place

    And stay tuned for the reveal of The Font Team attending the Tenzing Climbing Festival!

    Font Fest served as a gateway to greater adventures, with top-scoring individuals earning a chance to represent The Font at the much anticipated Tenzing Climbing Festival in May 2024. Seven lucky climbers would join head route setter Matt VC to climb alongside, competing against other teams representing their London Climbing Wall, with spots on the team offered free of charge. Wohoo!
This event has now passed! Check-out our write-up of the event!
April 19, 2024
First published:
December 19, 2023