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Rainbow Fun Comp & BBQ

SAVE THE DATE! ‍Saturday 12th August we will be hosting a RAINBOW FUN COMP & BBQ with flavour buccaneers Pirate Burger!
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To start off here’s a quick description of what a rainbow comp is!

Our team will use the existing sets to create 4 new multi coloured (rainbow) blocs from each of our 7 areas thus creating 28 total blocs and in turn bringing the rainbow comp into existence! These rainbow blocs will be marked so you know what’s in!You will then have your own scorecard where you score yourself (be honest)!

There will also be some speed challenges as well as some NINJA style challenges to grab points!.

Nothing crazy just climbing with a silly motive and an opportunity to win some prizes!

Don’t worry no one will be watching and no pressure! It’ll feel just like a normal climb with the added challenge element!

Other points worth noting

  • Entry to the BBQ and Comp will be separate for those that only wish to indulge in one of them.
  • The Rainbow comp will be going on ALL DAY
  • Rainbow comp is open to all levels and ages (as long as this is in line with our normal entry/junior/supervision requirements)
  • The BBQ will be from 12:00-16:00!
  • BBQ INCLUDES (side + main &&& a beer or soft drink from the bar!!)
  • Vegan options available
  • The centre will still be open for normal climbing if that’s what you fancy!
  • There will of course be prizes!
  • Winners are announced on our socials the following day


Thanks to everyone who came down for the comp! Everyone got their ninja hats on to complete our beam challenges. Picture 3 punch bags hanging side by side with lava below (the lava being our matting) and having to make it from one side of the valley to another! Pretty dramatic right! ;D

Alex from Pirate burgers made a great effort with his Brazalian themed BBQ and made sure everyones bellys were full whether they were climbing or just gorging!

Congrats to the winners as well as those lucky lot that bagged themselves a raffle prize also!

Adult Womens - Zofia Sobota

Adult Mens - Ollie Blatch

Junior - Ben Eggleston

Until the next!

Font Team X

[This is a past event and no longer bookable]

July 2, 2024
First published:
June 19, 2023