Summer Junior Climbing Camp!

Join our Summer Junior Climbing Camp for ages 8-17! Make friends and join in with fun activities and expert coaching!
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Why our Junior Climbing Camp?

Our Junior Climbing Camp is more than just a place to climb—it is a fantastic opportunity for kids to make friends and be part of a supportive and encouraging environment. Led by personable coaches with years of experience, our sessions are designed to build confidence, improve climbing skills, and foster a sense of community among young climbers. Our coaches are dedicated to creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere where every child feels valued and motivated to reach their potential!

Our camp is designed to provide parents with a convenient and engaging solution for their kids' summer activities. You can drop your kids off in the morning and pick them up at lunchtime, confident that they will be well taken care of. Our program offers 3 hours of dynamic activities, including climbing sessions and fun challenges, ensuring your children stay active and entertained.

Summer Junior Climbing Camp Proposal

Camp Structure


  • The Font Wandsworth

Age Groups:

  • 8-12 years
  • 12-17 years

Session Times:

  • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Coach Ratio:

  • 1 coach per 6 participants


  • £60 per session (includes a drink and snack)

Daily Schedule

  • 9:30 AM: Start with kit up and a briefing.
  • Morning Activities: Warm-up games and climbing sessions.
  • Challenges and Games: Fun activities like bottle reach, steal the bacon, and speed traverse.
  • Snack Break: Enjoy a snack and a drink and take part in other breaktime activities (optional)
  • Late Morning: Warm-up assault course and more climbing.
  • Climbing Games: End with engaging climbing games such as relay races or dyno competitions.
  • 12:30 PM: Finish.
  • Additional Activities

    Afternoon Sessions:

    1. Regular 1-hour drop-in sessions
    2. Advanced 90-minute sessions for development program members
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    June 8, 2024
    First published:
    May 21, 2024