Font Borough Birthday bash and UV Party

UV Birthday Bash @ Font Borough Friday 8th December! EXPECT UV BLOCS, DJ, HOT FOOD, CRAFT BEERS AND CLIMBING STALLS!
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Let off some steam Pre-Christmas at our UV Party at Borough before youre trapped with your families playing monopoly with the grandparents! (We love monopoly really)

The lights will go off and the blocs will be lit-up! Fancy dress and UV face paint are encouraged! Climb to your hearts delight in a UV climbing wonderland

There will be:

  • UV blocs!
  • Games & Challenges
  • Live DJ set from DJ Spoy!
  • Local craft beers from the legendary bermondsey beer mile!
  • Delicious Tacos from Proper Tacos London!
  • Climbing Clothing/paraphernalia stalls! Perfect for a Christmas present for your loved ones (or yourself!)
  • A free TENZING energy drink! You may remember them as being our main sponsor of The Tenzing Brawl on the Wall! (Clues in the name)
  • Jolly old times indeed!


The Font Borough! Our city-central site!


Friday 8th December from 20:00-22:00!


Training edge and brush makers extraordinaire! You may recognise him from his stall at Fontfest and The Brawl on the Wall its Matt George from Beekind! @beekindclimbing

A brand proving that climbing garms can look good as well as being functional its Josh from Versus Climbing @versusclimbing


Tacos from Proper Tacos! @propertacoslondon 100% endorsed by our member of team Solange (from Mexico) who says they are the best Tacos shes had in the UK! Need you more proof...


The delicous and most refreshing Brew by numbers (BBNO) will have a beer on tap as well as from Belleville brewery (local to our Wandsworth site) and the legendary 'By the horns' Brewery who you will have seen with a pop-up bar at our most recent events! As well as the beers on tap we have a range of craft beer and cider cans + non-alcoholic beers (lucky saint) + the normal spirits mixers and wide range of soft drinks!

Please note drinking alcohol is for after the climbing!


Enjoy the evening with a live set from Max @dj_spoy! Enjoyed the tunes at The Tenzing Brawl on the Wall? That was Max! Selecta, run the track!

Ticket prices

Only £5 on top of regular entry!

£20 for non-members

£5 for members!

So grab a ticket whilst you can! We would like to emphasise this is just a fun way to spend your Friday evening and something different to your normal climb! There is no competitive element or climbing-level entry barrier! It will be a great opportunity to hang out check out some stalls, enjoy some good food and climb some silly UV blocs and celebrate a year of the Font Borough being open!

We hope to see you all there!

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January 2, 2024
First published:
September 28, 2023