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At The Font, we're not just about boulders; we're about creating unforgettable moments whilst climbing boulders, studying boulders, discussing boulders, watching our pals climb boulders, boul... Okay sorry enough about the boulders.

Choose your package wisely, gather your crew, and let the adventure begin!


  • All coached sessions run at a maximum ratio of 1 coach per 6 climbers.
  • After 6pm, we have maximum group booking size of 18 at our Borough centre, and 30 at our Wandsworth centre.
  • All packages include shoe hire.
  • Special requests/Add-ons to standard packages available on request (see enquiry form).
  • Group packages are for adult climbers (18+) only. Booking details for junior climbing parties can be found here.

Bronze Package

A fun 1 hour session with our coaches, teaching participants all they need to know to safely access the centre independently; after the coaching element you will have an extra 30 minutes of free climbing, followed by a free drink of choice from our bar. An inclusive cost of £35 per person.

Silver package

Everything in the Bronze Package, but also includes food to re-fuel at the end of your climbing session.

We offer a Gourmet Burger & Fries menu at both our centres, at a cost of £47.50 per person.

Gold Package (Private hire)

Want something entirely different?! Live your childhood dreams and rent out the entire climbing wall to yourself! Drinks and food packages available! If you have any specific needs then let us know and we'll try our best to make your dreams a reality!

Weekly or bi-weekly Corporate Climbing Clubs

It is also possible to organise weekly or bi-weekly social climbing clubs at our Borough Centre. We are happy to offer a package to your company if you wish to set up a specific weekly club at our centre for your employees. Once set up your colleagues would pay standard entry but receive free shoe hire (currently £4) and also a free drink from our bar (currently £6 for a pint/glass of wine/spirit & mixer) on these sessions.

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