Ben Cheong


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Following numerous injuries as an international gymnast, Ben has developed a deep appreciation for injuries and the importance of rehabilitation towards function and health. Following a BSc in Physiotherapy, Ben pursued his passion for tailored rehabilitation within the NHS and amongst close friends within the climbing world. Now an avid climber himself, he aims to provide accessible physiotherapy for the wider community through Benefit Physiotherapy.

Hi! My name’s Ben, and as you guessed I’m a physiotherapist! Often times injuries can go unnoticed, and we shrug it off (Been there too, bad idea!). My goal is to offer physiotherapy in a manner suited to your lifestyle, whether you are a 9-5 office worker or active sportsperson. From uncomfortable aches to long-term rehabilitation, our time will emphasise on improving your general mobility and function.

My sessions will generally involve a physical assessment and constructing a rehabilitation program to your personal requirements. Additionally we will explore strategies to minimise further injuries in the future. Ultimately, I want our sessions to be interactive so practical rehabilitation on the climbing wall is an option for sure!