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Ben looking cool!
Ben Leaning

Personal Trainer

Ben seeks to use his expertise to educate individuals on how to become fitter, stronger and more confident. With an in depth knowledge of both his specialisations, and a unique personal background, his personal training service leads his clients to multi applicational benefits.

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Philip C, profile image
Philip Claas

Personal Trainer

Philip (Phil) uses his personal experience in various sports to develop structured and individual sessions for clients. This broad set of skills, paired with knowledge of various training systems, provides a truly bespoke service for your programme and personal training.

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Ben C, profile image
Ben C


From niggling aches to post-injury sports rehabilitation, Ben offers tailored physiotherapy to restore mobility and function alongside education for injury prevention and management.

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Lauren K, profile image
Lauren K

Personal Trainer

As a level 3 PT with a background in Sport science, Lauren uses her knowledge to develop specific training programmes and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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David, profile image

PT & Coach

David has taught hundreds of people to get over their fear of falling and achieve a handstand. His approach is simple, no nonsense and systematic.

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Lauren H, profile image
Lauren R

Yoga Teacher

Having started her fitness career as a PT, Lauren has a broad set of skills that ensures her yoga and mobility training is targeted, focused and results driven.

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