Lauren K

Personal Trainer

As a level 3 PT with a background in Sport science, Lauren uses her knowledge to develop specific training programmes and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

For further info and booking, please call or message 07548171847, or email

About Lauren K: Having grown up competing in sport, Lauren has recognised the importance of health and fitness on both your physical and mental well being. This early immersion into a world of sport has led her to follow an education and career within the fitness industry. First graduating with a Bsc degree in Sport and Exercise Science, specialising in physiology and strength and conditioning, followed by obtaining her Level 2 and 3 Personal Training qualifications.

A back ground in teaching dance has provided her with a great awareness of movement, mobility and flexibility, which are key components in her approach to help clients maintain a strong and healthy body.

Despite now feeling at home in a gym environment Lauren understands how daunting those first steps into the gym can be and strives to create a comfortable, supportive and encouraging environment, inducive of creating the best results. She aims to help people feel strong and confident in the gym space by focusing on quality of movement and mastery of technique of the basics, before advancing to heavier weights or more complex gym movements.  

Having always enjoyed the excitement that comes with adventurous sports, Lauren fell in love with indoor climbing whilst at university and now has a keen interest in using specific strength and movement training within the gym to simultaneously develop strength and functionality on the climbing wall. The importance of full-body strength, body awareness and flexibility is sometimes overshadowed by the ability to just ‘pull hard’ within the climbing community and Lauren is excited at the prospect of teaching climbers of all abilities how to use aspects of the gym to unlock their full climbing potential.