Ben Leaning

Personal Trainer

Ben seeks to use his expertise to educate individuals on how to become fitter, stronger and more confident. With an in depth knowledge of both his specialisations, and a unique personal background, his personal training service leads his clients to multi applicational benefits.

Enquire at reception to book a session with Ben.

About Ben: Ben has always pursued an active career path having served as a Paratrooper in the British Army, it was here that he discovered a passion for the sport of boxing, having boxed for his regiment for 2 seasons coupled with active service in Afghanistan.

Boxing is a sport that has many associated misconceptions which Ben particularly enjoys showing to be false to new clients by providing accurate coaching and articulating situational relevance.

Ben also specialises in the discipline of Calisthenics having taught himself whilst working remotely overseas, he now loves teach others how to manipulate their own bodyweight for benefits associated with strength and conditioning but also for performing unimaginable body movements such as handstands, muscle ups, Front Levers and one armed pull ups to name just a few.Training with this man will involve exponential growth in terms of fitness, strength and confidence.

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