Juniors at The Font

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The Font is a Bouldering only facility, a form of free climbing that is performed on 15 ft. walls without the use of ropes or harnesses. It is a potentially high risk sport. Please note, we do not offer roped climbing or a dedicated Children’s area.
We therefore have strict policies to ensure everyone coming to the centre is as safe as possible. Under 18’s must attend with an experienced climbing supervisor or be booked on to a coached session with a member of The Font’s coaching team.
NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions on group activities, our coaching sessions are limited in size and frequency so please book as far in advance as possible. We will have significantly more capacity to get new climbers on the wall as soon as these restrictions relax.


With 24+ coached sessions a week therewill be plenty to keep the kids active this summer, come rain or shine.

Full programme dates: July 26th-Sept 3rd.

Follow the steps outlined on our Home page to get your kids booked in for some summer fun climbing at The Font. Full programme dates: July 26th-Sept 3rd. Already have an account with us, you can book via The Font Climbing - Online Store & Scheduler now Any questions, please just get in touch with The Font team, via email or phone.

We welcome kids of all ages but due to the high risk nature of the sport, we ask that you read the information below before attending the Centre in order to understand the requirements for each age group:

Registering Junior(s) online

All juniors must be connected to a registered parent/legal guardian account in our system. To do this please follow the registration steps out lined on our homepage to create your own profile and when completing your Liability Waiver please select the ‘Adult and Junior(s)’ template. This will allow you to complete your own waiver and at the bottom add on any junior(s) required.

Juniors over 13 years of age can create their own account online if desired, using their own email address not their parents/legal guardians. This will allow them to book their own classes online. They do not require their own waiver, as they must feature in their parent/legal guardians’ waiver. 

Juniors under 13 years of age cannot have their own online account. You can add them onto your account by logging in with your details via the The Font Climbing - Online Store & Scheduler. This will enable you to book climbing slots and classes for them once these are available. Steps to do this:
Whether you’re climbing with your kids or just looking to supervise them, you will need to be a competent and experienced boulderer. If you are not yet at that stage, then we recommend booking onto one of our Introduction to Bouldering coached sessions or Family Bouldering Coached sessions before attending with your kids.

If you’re already a competent and experienced boulderer, we’d still recommend that you book onto one of our family sessions when available. We will introduce you and your kids to The Font in a fun session that is full of great tips when climbing with kids. But, if you do want to just rock up and climb casually then you will be able to do so once the registration process is complete.