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Our team of climbing coaches, crew members and P.T.s have an array of expert knowledge. Here you'll find articles about rock climbing and fitness, relating their passions and professional insight.
The Font Wandsworth - Kids Climbing Party
Looking for something a little different this year? Get your kids climbing at their next birthday party!
Bloc of the week
Win £20 bar/cafe tab with our weekly challenge! Do you have what it takes...?
BeeKind Climbing
Meet Matt George! The mastermind behind Beekind climbing's sustainably made climbing training equipment!
The Font Online Store
Discover our new online store! Shop the latest climbing shoes and exclusive Font Garms, with easy collect-in-centre
Busy Lizzy at The Font Wandsworth
This guide will walk you through how to use the Kilter Board, training benefits and more!
Mastering the Kilter Board
This guide will walk you through how to use the Kilter Board, training benefits and more!
Versus Wall
Get to know Versus Wall. Bringing fashion as well as functionality to climbing garms!
Mental Health Benefits of Climbing
Discover the benefits of climbing on your mental health! From the physical to the social angle!
Climbing at the Paris 2024 Olympics
Watch the Paris 2024 climbing Olympics live at our Wandsworth and Borough centres! Get to know the format below!
Six Physio
Get to know Six Physio! Expert Physiotherapy in London. Restore function, relieve pain and re-educate movement!
Decoding Bouldering Lingo
Bouldering lingo can sound like a completely different language! Here is a short list to help get you started.
Why you should get Personal Training
There are many motives for getting someone to help you get fitter. Some may seem more obvious than others.
Routesetting: Creating the boulder problems
Ever wondered how the boulders magically appear on the climbing wall? The answer is routesetting.
Understanding and Reducing Climbing Related Injuries
Injuries in sports are amongst the most common topics amongst its people, and climbing is no exception.
Exercising Throughout the Menstrual Cycle
If you are someone who menstruates, then it is likely you have had training or climbing days impacted as a result.